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2021-06-03 System maintenance at 21.00 tonight

sysmte maintenance tonight Thursday 3 Jun at 21.00-23.00. The system will not be available during this time.

2021-06-02 Problems to login

We are experincing problems with the ELN application server. Restarting the server solves the problems temporarily. We are looking into error logs and working towards a more sustainable solution. You may need to reconnect the Desktop Connector to the server again after login for full MS Office integration (just follow the pop-up instructions after login).

2021-01-25 Problems solved to add/remove users in ELN

The recent problem to add/remove users has been solved.

2020-11-30 Corrupt pfd for Mac

When downloading a signed pdf in Firefox with OSX 10.14.6 (Mojave), if downloaded via "Submission" (top right) to get the signed file or via the top left "wheel" and "Download PDF" the file is corrupt if "Save file" is chosen. If "Open with Preview" it opens ok and all info seems to be there and can later be saved.

2020-06-03 Problems with login to ELN

Several ELN-users sitting within the UU netowrk are experiencing probems to login to ELN today. We have identified the problem and are working towards a solution.

2020-01-27 Mac users should not upgrade to MacOS 10.15 Catalina

Biovia ELN does not yet support the latest update of MacOS (10.15 Catalina). We have not tested ELN with Catalina locally, but from previous experience it is likely to result in bugs and errors. As a consequence there will be no support available for ELN-issues on client computers using Catalina. 

2019-11-05 Mac users unable to automatic upgrade from ELN-server

Mac users are currently unable to automatically download the UPDATED Desktop Connector from the ELN-server. We are working to solve the problem. Please download the updated version here.

If you still experinece you cannot install the updated version we advise you to unistall (drag to the Trashcan) the old Biovia Desktop Connector and also clear your cache memory in the web browser.

Safari\Preferences\Advanced Tab\Show Develop\Develop drop down menu\Empty Cache

2019-10-03 Service maintenance Sun 3/10 22.00 to Mon 4/10 23.59

 The ELN-server will be updated and unavailable as stated in the title. A hotfix will

During this time the ELN-system will be offline and you cannot reach your experiments. We recommend you to download a pdf-copy of ongoing experiments before the update if required for your daily work. There will be no major changes but rather small bug fixes.

* Stability improvements and bug fixes
* Support for Excel/Word 2019
* Support for ChemDraw 18

You will need to download an updated version of the Desktop Connector upon login in to the system after the update.

Previous version
Desktop Connector PC:
Desktop Connector Mac:

New version
Desktop Connector PC:
Desktop Connector Mac:

Make sure you accept all popups related to ELN to complete the installation of the Desktop Connector on your computer.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook - ELN

Since spring 2011, there is an ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) at Uppsala University for documentation and safe electronic storage of laboratory notes.

Advantages of using ELN

  • Higher quality and better structure of the research documentation
  • Improved efficiency, by facilitating information reusage
  • Higher security as the database is continuously backed up
  • Searchability
  • Facilitates communication between various research groups
  • Possibility to set up the system so that experiments can be countersigned

ELN is used in the same way as a paper logbook, and is primarily a log of research, even though the system also facilitates other types of documentation.

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